Dear Prayer Partners,

Please forgive the lateness of this newsletter. Much has happened for God’s glory and we thank the Lord for His mercy and Grace.


Left: Honors Choir performed at the ACCS annual conference for the first time. CCEI officers David and Christy Anne Vaughan and Ann Preece with mission partner Elizabeth Johnstone at ACCS conference.


In June, CCEI sponsored 13 educators and heads of school to the annual Association of Classical and Christian Schools conference held in Dallas, Texas. Colquitt Christian Academy in Moultrie, GA and Brown County Christian Academy in Sardinia, Ohio sent groups and Grace Christian Academy Long Island sent Head of School Steve Schultz. CCEI, Inc. sent David and Christy Anne Vaughan, Ann Preece and Kevin Long.

CCEI also helped Harold Naylor of Advance Christian Schools (@advanceChristianschools) sponsor a meeting for new and young schools. The meeting was so well attended that we will need a larger room next year at ACCS conference in Atlanta, GA.

The new and young schools meeting filling up at ACCS annual conference in Dallas, TX. Every seat was soon taken and there was standing room only by the meeting’s end.

In July, Christy Anne and mission partner Abigail Varillas from Yo Soy Jesus school in Lima, Peru traveled with a group from New York, including Grace Christian Academy science teacher Tanya, to help plant a new school in a Haitian settlement in the Dominican Republic. Lessons and snacks were provided for more than 100 students who otherwise would not have any schooling. The students speak Creole and Spanish but most do not read or write much in Spanish, the language of the Dominican Republic.


Tanya, Christy Anne and Abigail in the Dominican Republic. Abigail teaches in a full classroom.

Big shout out and thank you to mission partner Martha Phelps, Real Life Church, Clewiston, FL for donating more than 100 beanie babies. The cute toys as well as Spanish Language Bible story coloring books and candy were given out to the Haitian-Dominican Republic students.


Prayer requests: Please be in prayer for start-up and young schools in Jacksonville and Wilmington North Carolina; Queens, NY; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Washington, D.C.; Moultrie, GA; Ocala, Florida; Uvalde, TX; Brown County, Ohio; Lima, Peru; as well as a larger building to house the increased enrollment at Grace Christian Academy in Merrick, New York (Long Island).

Christ Classical Academy in Tallahassee, Florida seeks a unified campus and new head of school.

Please pray for a bi-lingual editor for Spanish translation of Classical Christian texts for use in Peru and Dominican Republic.

All of these schools need volunteers and teachers with a missionary heart.

Praises: Colquitt Christian Academy in Moultrie, GA doubled enrollment! Christy Anne Vaughan completed her doctoral degree and graduated from Liberty University.

The Vaughans now have a northern camp site and office (in addition to our FL home) near our grandchildren at Brown County Christian Academy in Sardinia, OH.


Graduation at Liberty University and Christy Anne’s new office in Ohio, serving the BCCA.

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In Jesus’ name and service,

David and Christy Anne Vaughan

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