Since October 2022, Dave and Christy Anne Vaughan continue to homeschool their two youngest grandsons with classical Christian materials in the Vaughan homeschool. We have enrolled the older boy in a new start-up classical and Christian school in nearby Clermont County. The school is an offshoot of the “County Before Country” movement in the startup Presbyterian church named East River, in Batavia, Ohio (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/county-before-country-2023-tickets-546106819197). We are investigating the movement, have signed up for a $200 table at the conference and urge anyone who can attend to please come and we will find a way to house and feed you.

Additionally, David and Christy Anne plan to attend the annual Kurt Owen Ministries Missions Conference in Port Saint Lucie, FL on November 1-4. (https://kurtowen.com/events/).

Christy Anne is still teaching Christ-centered educational methods and high school senior thesis courses through Kepler Education https://kepler.education/?query=vaughan online and she is working with Minister Curtis, Dr. Don Campbell (Christian Church pastor and teacher/administrator colleague) and Dr. Greg Bliss on a Spiritual Leadership course based loosely on the Blackaby book of the same name “Spiritual Leadership: Moving People on to God's Agenda” by Henry T. Blackaby and Richard Blackaby .

Grace Christian Academy, Long Island, New York: Christy Anne plans to attend the ACCS-approved Rockbridge Classical Christian teacher training with colleague Tracey Urzi, who was recently promoted to Grammar School Principal at Grace Christian Academy.

Baldwin Christian School, Baldwin, Wisconsin: We continue to collaborate and support Eric and Melissa Purdy from our association in the founding of the Brown County Christian Academy (which has unfortunately gone charter, had mission drift, and is no longer a mission supported by CCEI, Inc.). Eric is headmaster at Baldwin https://www.baldwinchristianschool.org/staff. Several of Eric’s teachers took the first semester of Christy Anne’s Kepler course on Christ-centered educational methods.

Bellefontaine. OH: Geneva Academy asked us to act as heads of school consultants starting in January 2023. We made several trips up to the school and spent several days during several months helping with marketing, strategies, headmaster search and curriculum questions. When Christy Anne’s mother was hospitalized twice in March, we asked to be released from active duty and work from home. Geneva hired local church folks to handle the website and printed pamphlets. CCEI, Inc. sponsored Kepler President Scott Postma to speak at the school’s annual April dinner and community outreach. Geneva’s upper school students took Christy Anne’s Senior Thesis class through Kepler and submitted a speech to the annual ACCS Chrysostom Oratory contest.

Peru Update: while the Yo Soy Jesus school is no longer in session, the church, Bible study group, prayer group, and youth group continue to meet various days each week in the Independencia district of Lima, Peru. They are doing well but are in need of a new speaker for the church services. Please pray for a buyer for the building. Otherwise, we (CCEI) have helped two women in their twenties obtain passports and they are working on obtaining U.S. Visas, although it may take up to a year waiting. Our goal is to have them volunteer teaching Spanish and sharing about Peruvian culture at classical Christian schools in the U.S. One girl is looking to obtain a tourist visa. The other girl has been sponsored privately to attend classes learning how to work on a cruise ship. She has an interview soon with two cruise lines. We are hoping in the long run she will do well and will be able to obtain a tourist visa as well. It is so tough for women in Peru as the family oftentimes does not provide the best opportunities. Please keep these young women in prayer.


In Jesus’ name and service,

David and Christy Anne Vaughan

For CCEI, Inc.


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