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Dear Prayer Partners,

February and March were restful, family filled months. We enjoyed Bill and Gloria Gaither Southern Gospel music on a family cruise with Christy’s mother. Next, we were blessed to visit Mary Chipana, our Peruvian friend who volunteers at Yo Soy Jesus school when she is not working on the Norwegian Breakaway cruise ship. Her ship came to Port Canaveral, Florida and we met her for a few hours of sweet fellowship and food with CCEI, Inc. board Vice President Annie Preece and mission partner Yosvany Rodriguez.

Next, we were blessed by the First United Methodist Church of Clewiston, FL to host a fundraising dinner for Yo Soy Jesus school and mission in Lima, Peru. Mission partners Stacie Grant and Yosvany Rodriguez cooked up Cuban-American cuisine for more than 120 people. God is sooooo good! We collected and delivered more than $1,200 plus school supplies and a wheel chair to take to the school and mission on our subsequent visit to Peru.

The teen group at Yo Soy Jesus school and Community Church performed a moving Resurrection musical drama performed to a packed house on the Saturday night before Resurrection Sunday.

Mission partner Richard Hendricks travelled with Christy Anne Vaughan to Lima, Peru to visit and serve at Yo Soy Jesus school, church and mission. He made many friends, including English language mentoree Kevin, pictured below.

photo 8

We enjoyed some fellowship with Abigail’s sisters and a teen from the school along with Sue Brannan of Missionary Ventures, far right, playing card game Phase 10 and eating plantain chips. Jim and Sue Brannan operate the Christian Learning Center in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. Sue stopped in Lima for a visit while we were at Yo Soy Jesus. Abigail, who trained with us in the classical Christian method in December and January in the U.S., is second from the left.

On-going Projects

We have received a request to help a school in Moultrie, GA, referred from Christ Classical Academy in Tallahassee, FL. We will be driving up to meet and share with the teachers and board of Colquitt Christian Academy April 14-16. CCEI, Inc. also decided to sponsor the staff of BCCA and administrators at BCCA and GCA for the Association of Classical and Christian Schools Conference June 22-25 in Atlanta, GA. We encourage everyone to attend this information packed event. You will be encouraged and happily exhausted by week’s end.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Please be in prayer for the new gifted program being planned and developed at Christ Classical Academy in Tallahassee, Florida. Pray for the groups starting and continuing new schools in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Virginia, Wyoming, North Carolina, Texas and internationally. Pray for a blessed time in the Lord at Colquitt Christian Academy April 14-16.


  • Funds and a wheel chair delivered to Yo Soy Jesus school will be used to bless students; administration will work to further implement the classical method, train teachers and translate materials into Spanish language.
  • We were able to serve in inviting the townspeople of Lima to the teen’s musical drama with the help of Abigail and her father Olmedo Varillas, Head of School and Pastor of the community church, and the teens themselves as our translators. Praise the Lord!
  • We were able to sponsor, through a special donor, a teenager for his final year of high school, to transfer to Yo Soy Jesus school after giving his heart to the Lord.
  • Our son-in-law Scott Johnson providing a new web design and hosting. Thanks Scott!
  • God provided funds, through a special donor, for Yo Soy Jesus Head of School Olmedo Varillas to complete Bible College in Peru.
  • Publishers Classical Academic Press and Memoria Press are working with us to provide Spanish language materials to Classical and Christian schools and startups.

Also, please send us your prayer requests so we can pray for you! In Jesus’ name and service,

David and Christy Anne Vaughan

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