Classical Christian Education International Helping Advance Classical Christian Education




The mission will accomplish this by using the following:


A.  Pointing to personal salvation in Christ and preparing for personal service to Christ.

B. Engendering pursuit of the biblical sense of “vocation” – the sense of divine calling upon one’s life, work, ministry, and witness.

C.  Preparing for lifelong scholarship motivated by devotion to God: expanding the intellect, purifying the passions, and fortifying the will.

D.  Supporting the biblical purpose, model, and program of the Christian family in marriage, child rearing, and domestic life.

E.  Encouraging faithful involvement in the local ministry as God’s appointed institution for worship, fellowship, edification, and evangelism.

F.  Advancing healthy citizenship in the body politic as a fulfillment of both the classical and Christian ideals.

G.  Equipping for creative and constructive engagement with the cultural life of the community.

H.  Promoting benevolent service to others in society, deriving from biblical love of neighbor.

I.  Entering into the Great Conversation of Western Civilization as a means of fulfilling the Great Commission to the entire world.